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After Wilshere And Chamberlain A New Star Is Born At Arsenal

Arsenal are known for contributing to the development of some of the most prolific players in European football. Their youth center is one of the best in the world and is constantly managing to promote young players who can easily perform for any team at a very early stage in their career. The Gunners’ latest youngster ready to take Europe by storm is called Kyle Ebecilio. His contract is up at the end of this season and several teams especially from the Netherlands are interested in signing Arsenal’s 19 year old. He is a left footed player who best serves his team when used as a central midfielder. Unfortunately for him the Gunners have those spots accounted for by some amazing footballers.

It looks like Ebecilio is being monitored by two of the Eredivisie’s best teams. Both PSV Eindhoven and Twente look very determined to land the young Dutch midfielder at the end of this season. It will be hard though, considering the fact that he started off playing for Feyenoord. He came to Arsenal in 2010 with whom he managed to finish in the top three Premier Academy League teams.

Ebecilio started to impress during the 2011 Under-17 European Championship when he managed to win the prestigious Golden Player award. He is known for his excellent physical abilities and for the fact that he is constantly improving all aspects of the game.

Ebecilio’s best quality is his versatility. He is able to play anywhere across the middle portion of the field reminding Arsenal fans of Song. The only difference is that he is more of an offensive player rather than a defensive one.

The young Dutchman, who happens to be related to Jeffery Bruma, is looking to take the step to a team that is involved in all major competitions. When decision time comes, he will probably be more inclined to sign with Eindhoven considering Twente will not qualify for any European competition this year. They are currently 8 points behind PSV and will more than likely finish fifth this year.

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