A radical new direction for Arsenal?

A radical new direction for Arsenal?

Athletic News have covered the story of a plan to create a club called Dial Square, aimed at replicating the original aims and virtues of Arsenal when it was formed in 1886.

Unfortunately the history of the club that the owner tell, and which has been reproduced in The Athletic online magazine is a load of hokum, from the name of the club to where it played as Tony Attwood explains in the video below.

And yes, you might think that a man who feels Arsenal should go back to its roots, and the online magazine that is claiming to be the new voice of quality journalism should get the very basic facts about the club that it is criticising right.

Arsenal never played in Woolwich, they didn’t play in the colours proposed for the new club, they were only called Dial Square for one game… What the article and proposal shows is that people will do anything to use the name of Arsenal in order to get publicity – and no one can be bothered with any proper research.

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