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A New Dawn…Welcome to Gooner News – The Blog

A new dawn for GoonerNews.comWe are delighted to announce a new dawn in the life of Gooner News, as we realize a dream of many years and launch Gooner News – The Blog. So in our 9th year of operations, now we will be publishing our own take on the latest Arsenal news reports and Arsenal transfer speculation, finally delivering the comprehensive coverage we have always wanted to.

We invite Gooners everywhere to join us as we set off on this voyage of original content and objective opinion, which of course, by its very nature, will be documented for all to see how the mission goes. We encourage all readers to add their comments to any articles which make them feel inclined to do so. We will be focused on making the blog as interactive as possible and addressing all the key issues using a thought-provoking yet balanced approach.

In our first year of blogging, we hope to be reporting on the Gunners breaking their run of 7 trophy-less seasons as they finally secure a trophy and silence their critics. Let’s make it happen Mr Wenger!!

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